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Coffee Break Discussions

SDAMPP will be hosting monthly, informal coffee break Zoom meetings for interested SDAMPP members. Each coffee break meeting will be 50 minutes long, allowing time for a brief introduction of the topic by the moderators and ample time for open discussion by the assembled group. Click to learn more about upcoming Coffee Break Discussions and how to add your ideas for future coffee break topics!

SDAMPP Coffee Break: A Discussion of Part 1 Exam Timing with the ABR

September 26, 2023 1 PM ET

ABR survey of program directors on the topic of part 1 clinical and general exams. The ABR wishes to ask program directors if the part 1 exams, clinical and general, should be separated in time. They could be taken on the same day, as it is now, or up to 90 days apart. Would separating the exams be beneficial?

Moderator: David Pearson, PhD
Speaker: Geoffrey Ibbott, PhD

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SDAMPP Coffee Break: The Multi Institutional Residency Journal Club

September 27, 2023 1 PM ET

We would like to invite PDs to this coffee break to discuss their experiences these past 2 years with the AAPM MIJC and open up to feedback on improving the MIJC. Additionally, we will discuss this year's new implementation of creating journal clubs geared towards general topic and professional and ethics.

Panelists: Jay Burmeister, Paul Bruce, Sonja Dietrich, Brian Winey, Poonam Yadav
Hosts: Anna Rodrigues, Chris Watchman

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SDAMPP Webinar: Virtual vs In Person Interviews for Residency Selection

October 5, 2023 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Virtual interviews for residency selection were forced upon us during the COVID pandemic. COVID still lingers with us, but the option to return to in-person interviews is available to most programs. Should we return to in-person interviews? What are the advantages and disadvantages? In this webinar, the speakers will present data from a survey study of residency program directors and applicants to residency programs. What do they say about their views of the advantages and disadvantages? What do program directors prefer? What do the applicants prefer? Now that we know how to do interviews both virtually and in-person, what should you choose? What about hybrid options?

Moderator/Session Coordinator: Titania Juang
Speakers: Titania Juang, Kristi Hendrickson, Anna Rodrigues, Leah Schubert

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SDAMPP Coffee Break: Visa Options and Issues Pertaining to International Medical Physics Residency Applicants

October 17, 2023 2 pm ET

Navigating visa requirements for international applicants to medical physics residency programs can be challenging for both the applicants and programs. Michelle Larson-King, and expert in international visas, will discuss the common visa types relevant to medical physics applicants and programs. There will be an opportunity for program directors ask questions and discuss their successes and challenges while navigating visas for international applicants.

Moderators: Joel St-Aubin, PhD and Leah Schubert, PhD
Speaker: Michelle Larson-King, JD

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SDAMPP Coffee Break: Navigating the NRC Attestation Process for AMP and RSO Eligibility for Residents Graduating in 2024 and Beyond

October 27, 2023 2 PM ET

Currently, the American Board of Radiology (ABR) certifies AMP and RSO eligibility for therapeutic and diagnostic specialties, respectively (fulfilling Route #1) but will discontinue this beginning in 2024. As a result, AMP and RSO applications will become reliant solely upon written attestations. With the elimination of the ABR route, there is a renewed burden and duty among program directors to provide a uniform standard prior to attestation in order to gatekeep the crucial AMP and RSO status. Please join other SDAMPP program directors from both therapy and imaging specialties to discuss changes and suggestions in securing AMP and RSO attestations, respectively, post-residency.

Moderator: Christopher Tien, PhD
Discussants: Hania Al-Hallaq, PhD, John A. Antolak, PhD, Chris L. Deufel, PhD, Joann Prisciandaro, PhD, and Christopher Tien, PhD

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SDAMPP Coffee Break: Program Review of Dissertation Proposal/Specific Aims

November 10, 2023 2 PM ET

This would be a discussion about whether or not Program Steering Committees review dissertation proposals and specific aims to determine if they meet the criteria of making an original and significant contribution to the field of medical physics and draw on a well-argued and cohesive conceptual/theoretical framework. For programs that do have such a review, we can discuss the processes they use to executive the review.

Panelists: Wayne Newhauser, PhD and Brian Pogue, PhD, Kyle Jones PhD

SDAMPP Coffee Break: Update on SDAMPP Education Practices Committee Initiatives and How to Get Involved

November 13, 2023 2 PM ET

Interested in learning about current medical physics education practice initiatives within SDAMPP? The SDAMPP Education Practices Committee (EPC) is an active committee with multiple ongoing projects. The EPC will discuss current efforts related to education research, education practice improvements, and coordination between graduate, certificate, and residency programs. Provide your feedback to the group and find out how you can get involved.

Moderator/Session Coordinator Leah Schubert
Speakers: Anna Rodrigues, Abby Besemer, Ashley Cetnar, Mike Speidel

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SDAMPP Coffee Break: NMS Residency Application/Interview Workspace Exploration

December 6, 2023 2 PM ET

Currently, the medical physics community utilizes the MP-RAP system for the collection of common applications from residents. For a multitude of reasons, we are left each year wanting more out of MP-RAP that we can get. This serves as an open forum to discussing the alternative system that NMS offers and whether it is worth advising AAPM to explore further.

Moderator/Speaker: Joseph Dise

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Save the Date: SDAMPP Annual Meeting

Will be held in person on Saturday July 22nd, 2023. We will have a continental breakfast, followed by the meeting, with lunch afterwards. We have an exciting agenda planned and hope to see you all there! View the Schedule for Details »

UPDATE: The ABR has accepted SDAMPP’s recommendation and will move the Medical Physics Part 1 Qualifying Exam back to August. The exam will be offered in both January and August 2023. Beginning in 2024, the exam will be offered only in August. SDAMPP's board voted unanimously in November to inform the ABR that we recommend that the ABR Medical Physics Part 1 Examination be held in August. It further recommends the exam not be held in January. This is based on an analysis of data from 45 respondents (of 66 contacted) to a survey on the matter. The board expresses its gratitude to colleagues at ABR and AAPM for their cooperation on evaluating this issue. SDAMPP will continue to participate in this discussion as requested.

New ABR Policy Regarding Family Leave

The ABR has instituted a new policy starting in July 2021 regarding family leave. That policy can be viewed here. SDAMPP’s Education Practices Committee would like to hear from directors regarding their plans for implementation and any outstanding questions (chair.education.practices.committee@sdampp.org). Stay tuned for more details about a forum for SDAMPP members to openly discuss this new policy.

ABR Update on Remote Exams - Geoffrey S. Ibbott, PhD

Click here to view the video.

ABR Fee Schedule Changes

Working with AAPM Education Council, a summary of the ABR fee schedule changes was prepared, along with guidance for program directors to share with their students and trainees.

5 April 2021

Dear Students, trainees, and program directors,

It has recently come to AAPM’s attention that the ABR has revised their fee structure. Some initial certification candidates that are preparing to sit for their exam have seen an updated invoice that now reflects an outstanding balance. AAPM has been in touch with the ABR regarding this recent change. The ABR has stressed that the overall cost for initial certification has not changed. While you should seek formal guidance from the ABR, it is our understanding that these additional fees can be deferred or paid in installments without penalty or finance fees, and you can still sit for the exam if you are unable to pay the additional fee by April 15th. You should receive an official communication from the ABR with further clarification soon. Candidates should contact the ABR office at (520) 790-2900 to make arrangements to defer their payments, to pay an installment, or if you have additional concerns.

Joann I. Prisciandaro, Ph.D., FAAPM
Chair, AAPM Education Council

AAPM’s Education Council has Recently Published Guidance Documents for Graduate Programs
AAPM Report #365, certificate programs/alternative pathways Task Group #298, and AAPM Report #373 on DMP programs.

Combined Clinical and Research Training in Medical Physics in a Multi-Institutional Setting: 13-year Experience of Harvard Medical Physics Residency Program
This article highlights the 13-year experience of a Multi-institutional clinical and research training program in Medical Physics. To read, click here.

Interviewing for Residency Positions While Completing a Graduate Degree: Considerations for Graduate Students, Mentors, and Program Directors
The pipeline of new clinical medical physicists in the United States includes graduate education followed by residency training. A major bottleneck occurs as students on the verge of completing their advanced degree programs seek positions in residency training programs. There is little guidance for graduate students in balancing their limited time to be spent on the competing tasks of interviewing for a residency position and simultaneously completing their degree. This editorial seeks to raise an awareness of key factors that students and their faculty mentors should consider as they navigate through the bottleneck. To view the editorial, click here.

New Study on the Medical Physics Residency Experience
A new study published in JACMP sought to better understand the residency experience as related to resilience and well-being through the lens of current Medical Physics Residents and Medical Physicists working with residents. For more information, click here.

New Study on Aspects of Medical Physics Match
A new study published in JACMP gauges the experiences of applicants and program directors in the Medical Physics Match to determine the most important characteristics factors influencing the decision making for applicants and programs during various stages of the application/interview/ranking process. For more information, click here.

Introduction to SDAMPP in Medical Physics International Journal
Several members of the SDAMPP board of directors published an introduction to SDAMPP in the Medical Physics International Journal. The manuscript can be downloaded here.

New Rules and Strategic Plan

SDAMPP’s board of directors recently approved new rules for the organization and set forth it's Strategic Plan for CY 2022. More info can be found here.

Amendments to By-Laws

Results of the voting on proposed changes to bylaws are as follows. 123 ballots were cast out of 176 members (regular and emeritus) who received ballots. 118 “yes” votes were required to pass a proposal.

  • Proposal 1 (wording updates throughout): 123 yes (passed)
  • Proposal 2 (increase numbers of at-large Board members): 115 yes, 7 no, 1 abstain (failed to pass)
  • Proposal 3 (change number of votes required to amend by-laws): 121 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain (passed)
  • Proposal 4 (relieve President of Membership Committee Chair responsibility): 123 yes (passed)

The participation rate was high, which reflects well on the level of engagement of our members. We are grateful for the direction you provided.


Click here to see the instructions and form to propose a webinar of interest to program directors and medical physics educators.

Interview Calendar

The SDAMPP online Interviewing calendar, a popular feature freely available to all, is available for CY 2024.