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SDAMPP Webinar on MedPhys Match Rules and Ethics: Training Modules for Program Director Use

December 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time

Through survey information, it is known that only some program directors or programs in the match currently train interview participants in the MedPhys Match rules and ethical behaviors including EEOC rules for fair interview experiences. In this webinar, three recorded modules of 5-7 min each on the topics of (1) MedPhys Match rules and allowed/ethical behaviors, (2) EEOC rules and allowed vs illegal questions during interviews, (3) unconscious bias and other specific biases that affect interviews. Join this webinar to view the modules and to participate in a live Q&A with the panelists and module creators. The modules will be available for download so that PDs can use them to train in their own programs.

Panelists: Leah Schubert, Anna Rodrigues, Titania Juang, Kristi Hendrickson

Downloadable Modules and FAQ

SDAMPP Webinar on Professional Issues Related to Residency Training

Please join the SDAMPP Professional Issues Committee (PIC) for an insightful webinar tackling professional training, policies and issues as they apply to medical physics residencies. As program directors of residencies, we tend to focus our attention on the didactic and clinical skillset of our residents and are often unprepared to handle the more difficult and unanticipated questions that may arise for us as administrators. The goal of this webinar is to convey more information regarding professionalism and help you to tackle some of the associated issues.

Irina Vergalasova
Rajat Kudchadker
Chris Watchman
Dandan Zheng

Host and Moderator: Fang-Fang Yin

Video Link

SDAMPP Webinar on Advising Students on Non-Clinical Careers

Academic medical physics programs prepare students for employment in clinical settings, research institutions, the academy, government, and industry. A great deal of attention has been paid to defining clear pathways to clinical careers (such as the SDAMPP report available here). Relatively less attention has been paid to non-clinical careers in medical physics, including considerations of programs’ graduate curricula, academic advising of students, and general awareness of the enormous range of non-clinical opportunities. These include R&D, customer support, training, sales, intellectual property, regulation, and others. In this one hour workshop, our expert speakers from industry and government will provide academic advisors with the basics information they need to advise and inform their graduate students regarding careers in industry and government.

Paul Naine, Elekta
Julie Sullivan, US FDA
Katherine Tapp, NRC

Host and Moderator: Wayne Newhauser, LSU/MBPCC

Video Link

Coffee Break Discussions

NEW!! SDAMPP will be hosting monthly, informal coffee break Zoom meetings for interested SDAMPP members. Each coffee break meeting will be 50 minutes long, allowing time for a brief introduction of the topic by the moderators and ample time for open discussion by the assembled group. Click to learn more about upcoming Coffee Break Discussions and how to add your ideas for future coffee break topics!

2021 SDAMPP Annual Meeting

SDAMPP held its second virtual annual meeting, which focused on an introspection about our Society's role in medical physics diversity and inclusion efforts and how to best support the emotional well-being of ourselves and our trainees. We hope the discussion can continue throughout the year in informal gatherings of our members so be on the lookout for these! The meeting was recorded, and can be viewed in it's entirety at the link below.

Video Link

SDAMPP's board voted unanimously in November to inform the ABR that we recommend that the ABR Medical Physics Part 1 Examination be held in August. It further recommends the exam not be held in January. This is based on an analysis of data from 45 respondents (of 66 contacted) to a survey on the matter. The board expresses its gratitude to colleagues at ABR and AAPM for their cooperation on evaluating this issue. SDAMPP will continue to participate in this discussion as requested.

New ABR Policy Regarding Family Leave

The ABR has instituted a new policy starting in July 2021 regarding family leave. That policy can be viewed here. SDAMPP’s Education Practices Committee would like to hear from directors regarding their plans for implementation and any outstanding questions (chair.education.practices.committee@sdampp.org). Stay tuned for more details about a forum for SDAMPP members to openly discuss this new policy.

ABR Update on Remote Exams - Geoffrey S. Ibbott, PhD

Click here to view the video.

ABR Fee Schedule Changes

Working with AAPM Education Council, a summary of the ABR fee schedule changes was prepared, along with guidance for program directors to share with their students and trainees.

5 April 2021

Dear Students, trainees, and program directors,

It has recently come to the AAPM’s attention that the ABR has revised their fee structure. Some initial certification candidates that are preparing to sit for their exam have seen an updated invoice that now reflects an outstanding balance. AAPM has been in touch with the ABR regarding this recent change. The ABR has stressed that the overall cost for initial certification has not changed. While you should seek formal guidance from the ABR, it is our understanding that these additional fees can be deferred or paid in installments without penalty or finance fees, and you can still sit for the exam if you are unable to pay the additional fee by April 15th. You should receive an official communication from the ABR with further clarification soon. Candidates should contact the ABR office at (520) 790-2900 to make arrangements to defer their payments, to pay an installment, or if you have additional concerns.

Joann I. Prisciandaro, Ph.D., FAAPM
Chair, AAPM Education Council

New Study on Aspects of Medical Physics Match
A new study published in JACMP gauges the experiences of applicants and program directors in the Medical Physics Match to determine the most important characteristics factors influencing the decision making for applicants and programs during various stages of the application/interview/ranking process. For more information, click here.

Introduction to SDAMPP in Medical Physics International Journal
Several members of the SDAMPP board of directors published an introduction to SDAMPP in the Medical Physics International Journal. The manuscript can be downloaded here.

New Rules and Strategic Plan

SDAMPP’s board of directors recently approved new rules for the organization and set forth it's Strategic Plan for CY 2022. More info can be found here.

Amendments to By-Laws

Results of the voting on proposed changes to bylaws are as follows. 123 ballots were cast out of 176 members (regular and emeritus) who received ballots. 118 “yes” votes were required to pass a proposal.

  • Proposal 1 (wording updates throughout): 123 yes (passed)
  • Proposal 2 (increase numbers of at-large Board members): 115 yes, 7 no, 1 abstain (failed to pass)
  • Proposal 3 (change number of votes required to amend by-laws): 121 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain (passed)
  • Proposal 4 (relieve President of Membership Committee Chair responsibility): 123 yes (passed)

The participation rate was high, which reflects well on the level of engagement of our members. We are grateful for the direction you provided.


Once again, SDAMPP has discounted dues to accommodate budgets suffering from the pandemic. Click here for details and to pay your dues. Note that you will be redirected to the AAPM website. AAPM manages dues collection on behalf of SDAMPP.


Click here to see the new instructions and form to propose a webinar on medical physics education.

Interview Calendar

The SDAMPP online Interviewing calendar, a popular feature freely available to all, is available for CY 2022.