Becoming a Member

To become of member of SDAMPP please review the following criteria from the SDAMPP By-Laws regarding eligibility and the application process. A sample nomination letter to be completed by the senior program administrator is provided. The completed letter should be e-mailed to the Membership Committee Chairperson (chair.membership.committee@sdampp.org). The Membership Committee will review the nominations and will recommend those who meet the membership requirements to the SDAMPP Board for approval. If they are approved, they will receive a letter inviting them to become members of the Society.

Membership in the Society is open to individuals who are professionally engaged in the leadership of academic programs in medical physics, or who have served in such capacity in the past. All academic programs of medical physics at accredited institutions of higher education, whether at the undergraduate, graduate, residency, or post-graduate training levels, are eligible to have members of their senior administration become members in the Society. Positions of senior leadership that qualify for Membership are department chair, program director, acting chair or director, vice- or co-chair or director, associate chair or director, the director of graduate or undergraduate studies, and other comparably named positions within medical physics programs. The Board of Directors may admit, upon recommendation by the Membership Committee, other individuals to Membership if the Board determines that such persons are engaged in meaningful ways in leadership of educational activities in medical physics and if granting such individuals Membership would benefit the larger mission of the Society. The Board of Directors shall have the final authority in determining if a given candidate for Membership has the requisite credentials for Membership. Each program is entitled to four voting Members in the Society at any given time. The most senior administrator in each program shall make the determination of which four (4) individuals may be nominated for membership; if such determination cannot be easily made because there is ambiguity about who is the most senior leader in a given program, then the Board of Directors shall make that final determination in consultation with the Membership Committee.

Programs wishing to have Members in the Society shall first determine which candidates for membership to put forward, and then shall submit supporting documentation for each candidate member as requested by the Membership Committee. The senior administrative leader of a given program shall write a letter nominating each of the candidates for membership, explaining the role of senior leadership each candidate maintains. Individuals who are retired from positions of leadership, or for whatever reason are not currently affiliated with a program, may nominate themselves for membership directly to the Membership Committee. Candidates for Honorary or Associate Membership may nominate themselves, or may be nominated by others, directly to the Membership Committee.

Categories of Membership

There are four categories of Membership in the Society:

  • Regular Members – This category of membership is open to those individuals who are currently engaged in senior leadership positions within academic medical physics programs, as specified in Section 4.1 on Eligibility.
  • Emeritus Members – This category of membership is open to those who formerly held positions of senior leadership within academic medical physics programs.
  • Honorary Members – This category of membership may be conferred on those individuals who have rendered outstanding service in the field of medical physics education, but who would not otherwise qualify for Membership.
  • Associate Members – This category of membership is open to those individuals who are interested in medical physics education and in the purposes of the Society, but who are ineligible for other categories of membership.

Privileges of Membership
All categories of Members shall be entitled to attend and participate in all meetings, conferences, and functions of the Society, shall be eligible to serve on committees of the Society, and shall have access to the Society’s surveys, reports, data and other information resources assembled or prepared by or through the Society. However, only those members in the categories of Regular Member and Emeritus Member shall be entitled to vote on matters of consideration by the membership of the Society, to make motions, to serve on the Board of Directors, and to hold elected Offices of the Society.

Membership Dues
The annual dues of SDAMPP members in each of the membership categories are as follows:

  • Regular Member:  $150
  • Emeritus Member:  $150
  • Honorary Member:  $75
  • Associate Member:  $75

Download Sample Nomination Letter