News Brief - May 2015

SDAMPP Board Reports

  • CAMPEP/SDAMPP Graduate Program Survey Results
    • Annual Meeting Committee (CP: President Elect)
    • Education Practices (CP: Ed Jackson)
    • Outreach Committee (CP: Robert Pizzutiello)
    • Global Activities Committee (CP: vacant)
    • Professional Issues Committee (CP: Amy Harrison)
    • Trainee Affairs Committee (CP: Jay Burmeister)
  • Existing Committees to consider new member
    • Membership Committee (CP: Schueler/Fullerton)
    • Finance Committee (CP: Sam Armato)
    • Nominations Committee (CP: Fullerton) 
  • All Committees can accept new members in 2015 (VOLUNTEERS WELCOME)

Education Practices Committee Reports

  • John Gibbons reports on Medical Physics Residency Match
    • For therapy, 61/79 programs are enrolled.
    • For diagnostic, 8/13 programs are enrolled.
    • Total accredited US program participation is 67/76 (92%).
    • 400 individual applicants in the match.  
    • There are 318 unique applicants in MP-RAP.
    • The average applicant applied to 32 programs for 2015.
    • There were 31 programs that received >150 applications! 
    • Details available from John here – Key info on Slides 26-29
    • Discussion of results planned for Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Committee

  • Register for the SDAMPP Annual Meeting (10 people signed up already)

Trainee Affairs Committee Reports

  • First “Residency Fair” planned for Anaheim 2015
  • Collaborating with AAPM Students and Trainees Subcommittee on Fair
  • Letter encouraging SDAMPP member programs to participate in Fair
    • 11:00-12:15 on Wednesday, July 15th in the Anaheim Marriott

Membership Committee Reports

  • 15 New Members approved by SDAMPP Board -  WELCOME