2021 SDAMPP December Webinar

MedPhys Match Rules and Ethics: Training Modules for Program Directors

Through survey information, it is known that only some program directors or programs in the match currently train interview participants in the MedPhys Match rules and ethical behaviors including EEOC rules for fair interview experiences. The following three brief recorded modules on the topics of (1) MedPhys Match rules and allowed/ethical behaviors, (2) EEOC rules and allowed vs illegal questions during interviews, (3) unconscious bias and other specific biases that affect interviews can be readily integrated into any program's training prior to interviews or even application review. Please download and use these videos to train participants in your graduate school and residency search and recruitment processes. Video 1 is only relevant for residency recruitment. The other two videos are generally useful for training.

PDs click the icon to download next to the title of the modules for use in training your own programs.

View/Download the FAQ with Answers. (updated 01/31/2022)

MedPhys Match Rules

*Please note that the email addresses for reporting MPM violations to associated AAPM committees should be updated to the current year when you use them.

Avoiding Discrimination in Residency Interviews

Unconscious Biases in Applicant Search Processes