Preliminary Program Agenda for SDAMPP 2018 Annual Meeting

July 28th, Nashville, TN, Room 202, Level 2, Convention Center

Overarching theme: Recent developments and future outlook for curricula in medical physics

Start Time End Time Topic & Moderator Speaker
7:30AM 7:55AM Hot Breakfast  
7:55AM 8:05AM Welcoming Remarks from President Ishmael Parsai
8:05 AM 8:40 AM Graduate Curricula:
Chair: Ed Jackson
Co-Chair: Ishmael Parsai
1. Ed Jackson
2. Tim Turkington
8:40AM 9:15AM Residency Curricula:
Chair: Rajat Kudchadker
1. John Bayouth
2. Charles Willis
9:15AM 9:50AM Pathways to Clinical Medical Physics
Medical Physics Assistant Curricula & Training Programs
Chair: Jay Burmeiester
1. Kristi Hendrickson
2. Joann Prisciandaro
9:50AM 10:25AM International Education
Chair: Wayne Newhauser
Co-chair: Jay Burmeiester
1. Phillip Taddei
2. Wayne Newhauser
3. Derek Brown
4. Lawrence Court (Africa)
10:25AM 10:35AM Coffee Break  
10:35AM 11:15AM Moderator: Ehsan Samei
*Panel Discussion –
1. Various Issues Facing Medical Physics Academic and Residency Programs
2. How to Sustain Medical Physics Quality in Developing Countries
1. Wayne Newhauser
2. Beth Schueler
3. Matthew Studenski
11:15AM 11:50AM SDAMPP Business Meeting, State of Organization, Any Committee Report or Related Discussions Tim Turkington
Adjourn SDAMPP Annual Meeting
12:00PM 01:00PM Hot Lunch Served